Eating refugees

The Zentrum für politische Schönheit (ZPS – Center for Political Aesthetics) is holding up a highly reflective mirror with their campaign Eating refugees – Distress and Circuses (Flüchtlinge fressen – Not und Spiele), in support of those seeking refuge. The protest and art crusade vilifies national borders as criminal, and makes unmistakable political demands. German Federal President Gauck should suspend the EU regulation 2001/15/EG, article 3 of paragraph 63 regarding alien law. The statute states that conveyance companies are subject to heavy fines when transporting passengers without a visa. 

Unfortunately, this regulation is the scandalous answer to the simple question, why don’t refugees fly to safety? Which would be much less expensive and much safer.

ZPS wants to demonstrate how this law kills people, and that we must abandon it if we wish to stop being murderers. To make their point, the activists have set up an animal blood sport arena, including real tigers, in Berlin’s government district.

The message reads thusly; when the Bundestag does not permit air travel from Izmir to Berlin’s Tegel Airport for refugees, thereby circumventing smuggling gangs, volunteers will enter the arena and face the tigers. And we will watch, as the Romans once watched the gladiator fights. This takes the refugees’ fight for survival from the remote Mediterranean and brings it to the center of Berlin – a societal provocation with maximum media impact.

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