Let’s go the whole hog. Communication has to stand out. Anything else misses the target – of generating attention. Be inspired by: ideas, claims and copies from DIE BASTION. In other words: 2 minutes of compressed work from the last 10 years. 2 minutes of heart, soul and elbow grease. 2 minutes of cars, media, …

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Eating refugees

The Zentrum für politische Schönheit (ZPS – Center for Political Aesthetics) is holding up a highly reflective mirror with their campaign Eating refugees – Distress and Circuses (Flüchtlinge fressen – Not und Spiele), in support of those seeking refuge. The protest and art crusade vilifies national borders as criminal, and makes unmistakable political demands. German Federal …

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VipFlip is the new lifestyle app, bringing dire, absurd and exciting news from the VIP world to your smartphone. Commissioned by a leading German publishing house, tabloid topics are presented in a completely new fashion. No more ho-hum reporting, stories, listicles and news entertain and are a source of endless amusement. VipFlip is a virtual …

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An experience beyond just looking, the new passat. The “Living Print” campaign for the flagship of Volkswagen made it possible to experience the new vehicle in a mobile way for the very first time. Using the app Layar® interested parties are able to scan the variety of printmotivs with their smartphones or tablets and to access …

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