Blue Man Group

Boosting the Blue at Potsdamer Platz: On the occasion of the relaunch of BLUE MAN GROUP, DIE BASTION redesigned the show’s communicative appearance in order to give it a new impetus. The core of the strategy: transparency while being authentic – through exciting backstage insights as well as the three Blue Men themselves, who got …

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The passion of light: Concept & Copywriting for the comprehensive website of the global lighting manufacturer TRILUX.  


Big brand, consistently repositioned: Concept and idea for the online portal „CokeFridge“, which won numerous awards, as well as for various different Coca-Cola advertising and press campaigns throughout Germany and worldwide. We call it storytelling for the advanced. 

EU Commission

„Stop smoking before smoking stops you!“: the pan-European non-smoking campaign by the EU Commission („Feel free to say no“) gets to the heart of the issue.


Promoting private surfing: the advantages of the Firefox browser have never been more obvious. And DIE BASTION let the capital know – on behalf of the German Mozilla network. For a period of 6 weeks a clever campaign put the equally clever browser into the limelight in form of a flagship project. When moving around …

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Better informed online: What does the Verband der ölsaatenverarbeitenden Industrie (German association of the oilseed crushing industry, Ass.), short OVID, stand for? DIE BASTION has designed an e.magazine for them highlighting the importance of vegetable oils and fats in our daily life. The future is green. Climate protection, ecological awareness and a high demand in …

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